Update network settings remotely

OS3.5.0 or later

You can update your device’s network settings from the developer console. Normally when you intend to write network settings to obniz, you are supposed to be near it. If devices targeted for updating have been set far away and you cannot go there easily, this function comes into play.

Here's the procedure.

Select devices

First, go to the device list page and select devices whose network settings you want to update. But please be careful. Make sure inactive devices and offline devices are NOT chosen.

Import new network settings

Then, specify new network settings by importing a JSON file. The format of the JSON file is described below. Current network settings are going to be replaced with the new one.

If everything's all right where you've chosen devices correctly and the file format has no problem, you'll return to the device list page. Seems nothing happened but don't worry, the result will be notified via your account email.

It'll be about 15 to 30 minutes to get the email after doing the process. Time depends on the number of devices, the more devices, the more time.

Setting JSON

JSON format is defined in Setting JSON

How to use

To use remote updating of network settings, you need to sign up to use the function on the cloud. Please Contact us for more details.