Internet Connection Setting

This device can be connected to the Internet in the following ways

  • Wi-Fi
  • Wi-Fi MESH
  • 3G/LTE

A SIM card is required to connect via a 3G/LTE line.

Insert the SIM card

Insert the SIM card from the SIM throttle on the side of the device.

Turn on the power

Plug the device into an outlet to turn it on.

About the components

There are three LEDs and buttons on the main unit.

Component | Meaning
LED (left) | LED for power supply. It is always lit in blue.
LED (center) | Indicates the status of the modem's mobile line connection.
LED (right) | Signal LED indicating the connection status with obnizCloud.
Button | Primary switch. You can enter the configuration mode by pressing and holding it immediately after startup.

Configuration via browser

When the LED (right) is blinking purple and the device is in configuration mode, you can connect to the Wi-Fi that the device serves and configure it.

For more information, please see Setting via browser.