Disconnect and Reset

In obnizOS, a reset occurs when the network is disconnected for the following reasons

A reset in obnizOS means the following

The state of IO returns to the post-startup state.
(This is the same state as calling obniz.reset() in obniz.js.)

-IO is floating
- Each peripheral is stopped.

1. After startup

The device is always reset after startup, and this reset cannot be changed in the configuration. Ensuring that the state of affairs remains constant.

2. When Websocket connection from obniz.js or other sites is disconnected (settings can be changed)

If the connection is used by the user's JavaScript program and the connection is lost due to JavaScript stopping, etc. and no one is connected to the device, obnizCloud will instruct the device to reset.

For multiple connections

If more than one connection is made to a device, it is only reset when the last connection is dropped.

Changes in Settings

You can set the following properties when you connect to Websocket.
By not resetting, the state of IO is maintained. (lit LED will remain lit)

var obniz = new Obniz("1234-5678", {reset_obniz_on_ws_disconnection: false})

3. If you are disconnected from a network such as Wi-Fi

If you lose communication with the cloud, for example if you lose Wi-Fi, obnizOS will perform a reset before reconnecting.
You can change this setting by sending the following command to your device. (Once set, it will be saved until the device is rebooted.)
By not resetting the device, the state of IO is maintained. (The LEDs that are lit will remain lit.)