The UART pin, which is also used for ESP32 writing, is used by obnizOS as a console.


  • Connection TX, RX, GND
  • Baud rate 115200 bps
  • No flow control
  • No parity

Output contents

The console will output the status of the network connection and other information as a string. How this string is displayed depends on the OS version. This is a display of internal system information, and if you share this output with obniz in the event of an abnormality, support can be facilitated.

The console can be set to menu mode by sending the four characters menu. ( If you are running OS 3.5.0 or earlier, you can enter menu mode by sending the s character immediately after startup.)

The moment you enter the menu mode, the system will stop and only accept menu operations. If the user does not do anything for a long time, the system will automatically reboot and return to normal operation.

To see what settings can be made in the menu, please refer to the Settings page.