Switching to Setting Mode

The settings cannot be made at any time. You need to switch to a mode that allows you to do so. The way to switch depends on the configuration method.

Configuration from console

This configuration is done via serial communication (UART).
To enter the setting mode, you need to send a command. The characters of the command and the timing of sending it vary depending on the OS version.

OS How to change setting mode
< 3.5.0 When sending a single s character at startup (or immediately after)
3.5.0 <= 4 letters of menu sent at any time after startup

Starting with OS 3.5.0, you can switch to setting mode at any time by sending menu. In setting mode, all systems except settings will be stopped (e.g. network connection).

If you leave the device in configuration mode for too long, it will automatically reboot and return to normal operation.

Configure from browser

In this mode, the device itself outputs Wi-Fi, and you can connect to that Wi-Fi with your PC or smartphone and configure it from the browser.

OS How to change setting mode
All Version - Press and hold the button at startup (or immediately after)
- If you are unable to connect to any of the stored network settings.

When in configuration mode, the obniz device will output a password-free Wi-Fi with the following SSID from itself


(XXXXXXXXX is the obnizID of the device)

Connecting with a smartphone or PC will automatically launch a browser (OS 3.5.0 or later). If the browser does not open(OS3.5.0 or later).

Configure from the display

If your device has a display component, such as obniz board, it can accept settings from the display under the following conditions.

OS How to change setting mode
All versions - Press and hold the button at startup (the startup option will be activated)
- If you cannot connect to any of the stored network settings (obniz Board series only)

In the case of the display only, holding down the button at startup will activate the startup option that allows you to perform a minimal reset process.

For obniz Board series, you can use "Simple Method" which allows you to select SSID and enter password from the screen.

Wi-Fi Settings with WPS

From OS3.5.0

If you are using a Wi-Fi router or access point, you can automatically exchange SSIDs and passwords by pressing the WPS button on the router or access point. SSID and Password will be exchanged automatically.