Separating Network

Since there will only be one Root Node, if you want to reduce the number of devices in your network due to high communication volume, such as BLE scanning, you will want to increase the number of devices connected to your Wi-Fi router/access point as much as possible by making them separate networks, even if they are close together.
If you want to separate the networks, you can do so by simply changing the MESH ID. For example

  • 10 devices with MESH ID = 000000000001.
  • 10 devices with MESH ID = 000000000002.

If there are 10 obniz devices with MESH ID = 000000000001 and one Wi-Fi access point nearby, the Root Node closest to the Wi-Fi access point will be determined, so two obniz devices will be connected to the Wi-Fi and the other 9 devices will hang from their respective Root Nodes.