obniz Solution

obniz Solution supports development of IoT with obniz.
We back you up from test production to mass production.

obniz Solution

obniz Solution undertakes “IoT development” for your equipment and environment no matter what the phases – from test production to mass production and operation.

obniz Solution Service Phases

obniz Solution undertakes widely from ordering parts to obniz OS installation and cellular line support.


We provide the right solution for your business challenges.

PoC/Test Production

We provide application for hardware mockup and prototype / experiment, which is a combination of evaluation board (obniz Board) and sensors.

Small-quantity Operation

We also order parts not included in the Kit and produce customized hardware and apps.

Mass Production

We also undertakes advanced system development for your product


We optimizes IoT by improving integrated system including hardware, software, and UX.



- Hardware

  • Circuit design
  • Board design
  • Test board production
  • Support for commercialization

- Software Services

- Solution Building Services

-IoT Consulting Services

obniz Solution

Semi-custom development of obniz Solution

Both speed of development and customizability

Build your IoT system

In the semi-custom development of obniz, we build and develop IoT systems with a good cost balance using a set of APIs as a base. We will respond to your needs such as "I want to start using the system quickly with low development cost" and "I want to start PoC in as short a time as possible.

Support from PoC to business expansion
with an all-cloud IoT system

You can start with minimal customization and scale agilely from prototyping to full-scale service deployment.

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obniz and our partners support IoT development

obniz Partner

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Resolve with obniz Solution’s
great cost-performance

“Just connect” obnizOS-installed devices to your equipment,
then you can control it via internet at all times.

Use case

Temperature Monitoring

Sanitary management based on HACCP is compulsory for food business from 2020. With obniz, you can centrally manage temperature. You can record measurements on graphs or tables and even be notified via phone call and SMS if it’s abnormal.

Remote Reset/Setting Change

It takes time and effort to maintain industrial equipment after delivery because you need to go directly to the field and switch modes for adjustment. obniz significantly reduces maintenance cost by enabling remote reset and configuration change of equipment.

Cloud Automated Control

In the case of failure of the equipment, you are notified of failure elements and details. You can quickly determine man-hour and personnel so reduce recovery time. Furthermore, centralized equipment management also reduces labor cost for monitoring.

Case study

Remote monitoring and maintenance of a stair lift for home care

ThyssenKrupp Access Japan

  • The equipment had been used irregularly, battery run down was not regular so it was necessary to visit the site regularly and check it visually.
  • Errors had been checked when having phone calls from customer. It was necessary to visit the site and directly check it to identify the errors.
Products in use
  • obniz Board
  • Attached boards(Customized)
  • Remote monitoring: Monitor battery voltage and errors through obniz cloud
  • Remote control: Reset the equipment through cloud management screen
Effects of introduction
  • Real-time monitoring of battery usage leads to prediction of battery run down and optimization of replacement time.
  • Remote control and error notification on management screen leads to cost cutting and user experience improvement.

家庭用昇降機 ThyssenKrupp Access Japan

既存の機器に組み込み ThyssenKrupp Access Japan

コンソール画面 ThyssenKrupp Access Japan

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Become an obniz partner

We have partnered with various companies, from distributors to electronic circuit design companies. Why don't you partner with obniz to provide the best solution for your customers? We can leverage your technology and know-how to gain opportunities and expand business with us.

Device Partner

We are looking for partners who install obniz OS on modules and IoT routers to develop and sell products. You can provide users with bi-directional and real-time controllability via internet by installing obniz OS on y

SDK Provider

We are looking for partners who provide SDKs to operate sensors and devices from obniz. Developers can control devices via internet immediately by SDK. You can provide services appealing to developers and expand clients.

Development Partner

We are looking for partners who develop and propose solutions using obniz to clients. You can expand clients and opportunities such as PCB design, case production, mechanism design, cloud and smartphone app development to deliver significant value to IoT users with obniz.

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