AI Robot Kit AI RobotKit

AI Robot Kit

The newest toolkit to start AI programming
Start programming only using a smartphone with obniz.
It only takes this one simple toolkit.
Let's start robot programming!

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Set programs in motion in the blink of an eye!

Easy to start!
Step up as you go!

AI Robot Kit、はじめは簡単!ステップアップ!
  1. 用意されたプログラムで遊んでみよう
  2. プログラムをアレンジ!動きを変えてみよう
  3. レッスンで学びながら自分だけのオリジナルAIロボットを作ろう!

Watch the tutorials

Make your robots smarter with AI programming!
So many programs are available for you to use right away.

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Remote control

Character recognition

Line tracing

Facial recognition

External linkage

Avoid objects

It's easy to start with obniz! Set robots in motion right away!

No special preparation is necessary to start programming with obniz.
Just open the programming page on your smartphone, and control various objects remotely.
You can build hardware programs and advanced IoT products with different programming languages and environment.
obniz makes that possible with its powerfulness and flexibility.

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Everything you need is included

Start as soon as the Kit arrives!
※ You need a smartphone, mobile battery and Wi-fi environment.

Inside the package

  • - Cardboard×3
  • - Motor×2
  • - Caster
  • - Tire×2
  • - Proximity sensor
  • - Cable for the proximity sensor
  • - Micro USB cable
  • - obniz Board

Ready? Let's get started!

Start exploring a new world with one click.
obniz will make your dream come true.

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AI Robot Kit

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Only the toolkits that have passed the obniz quality standard will be delivered to you.