BLE/Wi-Fi gateway
for programming in the Cloud

The obniz BLE Gateway series is a gateway that collects location information and data from IoT devices and BLE beacon sensors, and links them to the cloud and services via the network.

BLE/Wi-Fi gateway for programming in the Cloud BLE/Wi-Fi gateway for programming in the Cloud

BLE Gateway Product Lineup

obniz BLE/Wi-Fi Gateway

obniz BLE/Wi-Fi Gateway


One-Time License [No Expiry Cloud License]

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obniz BLE/Wi-Fiゲートウェイ



One-Time License [No Expiry Cloud License]

obniz BLE/Wi-Fiゲートウェイ

obniz BLE Stick

4,400 JPY/unitJPY~

Subscription License

obniz BLE/Wi-Fiゲートウェイ

obniz Location Kit


This is a kit product that includes a beacon tag and an obniz IoT gateway.

obniz BLE/Wi-Fiゲートウェイ

obniz Sensing Kit


This is a Kit product that includes an obniz IoT gateway and 4 types of sensors, including.

Please contact us if you need to order a large lot or if you need kitting (Wi-Fi settings, etc.) during shipment.

Linking data from BLE sensors and beacons to services

The obniz BLE Gateway Series easily connects BLE devices (BLE-compatible sensors and beacons) to the network. You can easily start various IoT services by combining the gateway with sensors that detect various conditions such as movement of people and objects, temperature, brightness, humidity, and CO2 concentration.

obniz BLE Gateway Basic Configuration

BLE/Wi-Fi gateway
for programming in the Cloud

With a power supply and Wi-Fi environment, BLE sensors and beacons can be connected to the cloud for BLE scanning and connection, all remotely controlled and updated from a dedicated cloud (obniz Cloud). With Nodejs, development is completely free, and BLE sensor values can be instantly linked to any database or API server.

Technology of obniz

const LOGTTA_CO2 = Obniz.getPartsClass('Logtta_CO2');
await obniz.ble.initWait();
obniz.ble.scan.onfind = (peripheral) => {
	const targets = ['a8f7c7d9'];
	if (!targets.includes(peripheral.address))

	if (LOGTTA_CO2.isAdvDevice(peripheral) ) {
		const data = LOGTTA_CO2.getData(peripheral);
		console.log(data.co2); // => CO2 ppm level.
await obniz.ble.scan.startWait();

Scan and rich filters

The gateway can scan for a variety of conditions. It is possible to filter completely freely, such as only those from a specific vendor or only those of a specific strength.

Connection and Pairing

Can be connected to 7 devices at the same time. Passkey-based pairing is also supported.

Free beaconing

It can send out beacons in any format and can even be time-varying. It can also accept connections from outside.

エasy to develop, operate, and manage with obniz

Easy to add or change devices

Remotely and centrally manage
all devices and equipment in the Cloud

Adding BLE devices or changing their specifications is as simple as modifying the program on the server. The system can be modified and updated immediately after operation. It is also easy to support new models and versions of sensors.

Management functions and security<br>are all provided by obniz.

The dedicated cloud (obniz Cloud) provides device management and dead/active monitoring functions and TLS communication as standard, allowing you to check the status of the gateway, including Wi-Fi signal strength and connection logs, as well as network connection status from a web browser.

Remotely and centrally manage all devices and equipment in the Cloud
Easy to set up

Just connect to the network,
Easy to set up

The only work required to install the gateway is network configuration. Just plug it into an outlet and connect it to the network to start operation. There is no need to write anything on the gateway. This drastically reduces the human cost and time required for Set up.

Operation Guide

Support for a variety of BLE sensors and beacons

Environmental sensors such as temperature, humidity, and CO2 concentration, beacons, BLE beacon sensors from various manufacturers such as blood pressure meters and thermometers, and BLE devices can be used.

The following is an example of supported beacon sensors.See List for supported sensors. If you would like to purchase beacons/sensors, you can purchase or request a quote from the official store. If you do not see the product you want listed, please contact us>.

obniz Official Store 

  • BLE Environmental sensor
    Environmental sensor
  • BLE Temperature sensor
    Temperature sensor
  • CO2 concentration sensor
    CO2 concentration sensor
  • BLE Sphygmomanometer / Thermometer
    Sphygmomanometer / Thermometer
  • beacon
  • Open/Close sensor for door and window
    Open/Close sensor for door and window
  • Power consumption measurement
    Power consumption measurement
  • Water leakage sensor
    Water leakage sensor

See how you can speed up the deployment

See how you can speed up the deployment


Please feel free to contact us regarding products, services, and deployment/operation.


Gateway purchase

You can purchase a Gateway from a single unit. Please refer to the developer Documentation to check the operation and performance.

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Our engineers can provide you with technical support or sample code if you wish.

About Technical Support



Please feel free to contact us for scale-up, commissioning of intermediate application creation, and custom product fabrication and development.

About Technical Support

Ongoing Support

We offer device management, OS system maintenance and monitoring services.


(In Japan) For test and verification purposes (up to 10 devices), we ship the same day as long as we have the items in stock.
For an order with with more than thousands, the standard lead time(order to delivery) is 2 months.

The minimum order quantity for the obniz BLE Stick is 500 units or more. Please contact us for evaluation and verification.

Yes, we can accept it or support the development. Please consult us first. We can also introduce our partners (system developers and web developers) as needed.
Moreover, it is possible for general web developers to build BLE system with this device since there is no need for firmware development when developing with our service.

obniz BLE Gateway Series are set of obniz-OS-installed gateway and obniz cloud services.
Cloud services offer you functions such as encrypted gateway-and-cloud communication, device management, and alive monitoring.
Please feel free to contact us. We can offer you the best cloud functions and usage fees for your purpose and the number of units.

obniz BLE is a combination of an CONNECT HUB by ENCORED JAPAN Inc.It has merchandized and operated the product for home use.
And also obniz OS is developed and operated by obniz Inc. experienced in IoT deployment. For use cases, refer to the obniz web site.

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