How to use obniz BLE Gateway

This guide shows how to start obniz BLE Gateway.Please prepare the following,

  • obniz BLE Gateway
  • PCs, tablets and other devices connected to the network
  • SSID and password of the Wi-Fi you are using
  • Power supply

This is a Quick Start for OS version 3.4.2 or later. Click here for Quick Start for version 3.4.1 and earlier.

Turn on the power

Power On

Power is turned on by connecting the obniz BLE Gateway to a power supply (outlet). When the LED is blinking Green, it is ready to be set.Connect to the Wi-Fi (SSID) output by the Gateway from a PC or tablet.

Setting Wi-Fi

When you connect to Wi-Fi for the first time, the gateway will be in the standby state (LED blinking Purple) for Wi-Fi setting. Please follow steps 1-3 of the Wi-Fi setup procedure below to proceed with the setup.

If there is a memorized Wi-Fi (SSID), the LED will blink Blue. In this case, you do not need to perform steps 1 to 3 below.

Turn on the power

Power On

Power the BLE Stick from the wall socket using a USB power adapter, or from a mobile battery or PC, as soon as the LED turns green, it is ready to be set.

Power On

[Can be powered by PC or mobile battery]
Can be powered by PC or mobile battery

Setting Wi-Fi

By default, Wi-Fi signal is transmitted from BLE gateway.
Connect to the Wi-Fi(SSID) with PC and tablets.

1. Connect to BLE Gateway Wi-Fi
In the initial state, Wi-Fi is output from the BLE Gateway. Connect to the Wi-Fi (SSID) output by the Gateway from a PC or tablet.
SSID: obniz-XXXXXXXX(8 digits)
2. Select Wi-Fi to use
While connecting to gateway Wi-Fi, access the configuration page( Select Wi-Fi SSID to use from the pulldown and enter the password.
*You can connect to the internet via Wi-Fi (b/g/n 2GHz)


To configure static IP or Proxy

Click Option Setting to configure static IP or Proxy. You can configure each of the following items. (All items must be entered.)

[Static IP]
  • Static IP address
  • Subnet Mask
  • Gateway IP Address
  • DNS Server IP Address
[Proxy Settings]
  • Proxy Server IP Address
  • Port number of the Proxy server
To configure static IP or Proxy
3. Connect
After you complete the entry, click [Connect] and attempt to connect to the configured network. The browser is shown as the right side, regardless of success or failure.

After Connect

Complete Settings

LED lights up blue

LED lights up blue

LED lights up blue when you have a constant connection to the cloud.

If you fail to connect, enter SSID or password again.

How to develop

We releases obniz-noble projects while supporting BLE with obniz.js.

noble is an open source BLE stack library for Nodejs.
obniz-noble allows remote control of BLE gateway installed with obniz OS in the same way general noble program. (The only difference from the official noble is that you use obniz-noble and need to enter obniz ID) Moreover, obniz-noble is designed to work on the browser.