obniz Cloud

obniz Cloud

It is a cloud service for IoT.
You can use device management and serverless event functions.

obniz Cloud Documentations

Hardware API

Hardware API let you control devices through obniz Cloud by using API. All things obniz device can do can be controlled from obniz Hardware API from IO on/off to UART/SPI/BLE.

We provide SDKs, such as JavaScript,Python,node-red and so on. SDK makes it easy to do so in JavaScript.

Hardware API Documentations

Operate devices connected to obniz Cloud with API

obniz Cloud Functions

You can use various cloud functions from Developer's console.

Device management

You can check the online/offline status of your device, check your connection history and OTA of obnizOS, which allows you to change the status and more.


Check and operate from your web browser

From your web browser, you can check the status and change settings anytime, anywhere on your device.

Remote OS Update
Update of obnizOS

You can remotely update obnizOS, which is updated from time to time.
About OTA

Security settings
Security settings

You can issue an access token and set up access restrictions to the device.
Security settings

Control devices and equipment from the cloud


You can use the programs that operate the device as "App".
Apps can be installed and used with publicly available apps, or you can program and create your own. If you publish your app on the obniz cloud, other users can install and use it freely.

obniz App

Using the App

Install the App
and start the IoT non-programmatically.

You can install apps from Explore Apps and start the IoT such as "Graphing Temperature" and "Room Management" without having to program a single line.

Explore Apps

Explore Apps

Create App (App development)

You can create hosted apps that run on an external server using Nodejs, a browser app made with HTML/JavaScript and block programs.
You can publish your app on the obniz website (Explore Apps) and allow other users to install it freely.


Create App
Online Editor & Program Templates

You can use the online editor to edit and run the program in your browser. We offer an HTML editor and a block program editor.
We have prepared templates for each device and language, so it's easy to start the program.