Facility Manegement / Operation

obnizOS 3.5.0 or laterPlan subscription required

Support for Kitting and Setting work when introducing obniz Devices to a Facility.
Using this service, you can create batch Setting operations in the cloud and semi-mobilize the local installation process using an Android application.

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Facility Manegement / Operation

What is Facility Manegement / Operation

This service supports the initial setup process when Setting a large number of devices at once.
From the obniz developer's console, the necessary information for setup is registered in the cloud. At the installation site, the settings are linked to the device using an Andoroid terminal.

Support the installation of large numbers of devices

Control Panel (Developer's Console)


On the Control Panel, devices can be grouped and listed by facility.
In the "Operation" section, you can create all the necessary network and application settings for the installation.

Create Facility


You can manage obniz devices by grouping them by facility, including checking the online rate of installed devices and the number of installed devices.

Create Operation

Create Operation

You can register information to be linked to each device via the app during installation, including network settings and app settings to be used.

Device Settings App (Setting application)

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In the Setting of the device at the Facility, the network and obniz application settings registered in the cloud are linked to the device from Smartphone (Android). Share the configuration URL of the operation to the worker, and open the URL on the Smartphone(Android) to start configuring the gateway.

Device Settings App (Setting application)

Service User Flow

Mapping of setting locations

1Mapping of setting locations

Consider the location and quantity of Gateways.

Create an Setting operation

2Create an Setting operation

Register network settings and applications to obniz Cloud from the Control Panel.

Created URL

3Created URL

A URL for setting will be created. Share this URL with your workers.


4Send instructions and Gateways to the site

Bring the drawings and documents indicating the installation location and the Gateway to the site.

Setting work with Smartphone

5Setting work with Smartphone

Tap the instruction No. based on the ID in the drawing, and hold your Android device over the gateway to link the settings.

Check progress in real time

Check progress in real time

The progress of the installation is reflected on the Control Panel in real time.

Reduce the cost of Kitting and Setting

Reduce the cost of Kitting and Setting

*Smartphones or Tablets (Android) devices and network environment (Wi-Fi/LTE) need to be prepared by the customer.

Individual estimates are available upon request.
Please feel free to contact us with any questions about our services or to request a demonstration.

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Other obniz Services to support your operations

Update network settings remotely

obnizOS 3.5.0 or laterPlan subscription required
Update network settings remotely

This function allows you to write network settings for online devices in remote locations from the cloud.
Updating network settings for multiple devices or adding spare network settings can be done remotely without having to visit the site.

Update network settings remotely


obnizOS 3.5.0 or laterPlan subscription required

This function allows obniz devices to automatically connect to each other via Wi-Fi to expand the Wi-Fi area.
Even in places and environments where Wi-Fi cannot reach, you can build IoT services with obniz without installing additional Wi-Fi access points (Wi-Fi routers).

About Wi-Fi MESH