Remote pour machine


BrowserApp (HTML/JavaScript) Sensor Remote Control


Monthly Fee : Free

It is an interesting item that can be used at online drinking parties.
If you use the M5 Stick C with a sensor as a controller and take it into consideration,
The remote, connected to obniz, tilts the device and pours drinks.

Additional Information

  • Updated : Apr 14, 2021
  • Author: 伊藤義明

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  1. Execute the locally saved html file (html is OK on the server)
  2. Enter the M5StickC ID in the first "Connect obniz device" dialog, and enter the obniz ID in the second dialog (you can specify it directly in the program).
  3. Press the obniz switch to activate the servo according to the tilt of the M5StackC, press it again to stop

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