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New Arrival

Temperature Graph

Graph temperature using SHT31

BrowserApp (HTML/JavaScript) Sensor obnizBoard / 1Y

Temperature recording

Save temperature sensor data to Google spreadsheets periodically via IFTTT.

Serverless Event Sensor obnizBoard / 1Y

Web Uart Console

Use UART from Browser. Simple send/receive console.

BrowserApp (HTML/JavaScript) Wireless Developer Tools obnizBoard / 1Y

Tap IO

Simply, tap buttons on web, then referenced io will output 5v.

BrowserApp (HTML/JavaScript) Remote Control Developer Tools obnizBoard / 1Y


RPLIDAR is a low cost Laser Scanner. It works like a Radar. One is connected to an obniz. And draw results on HTML.

BrowserApp (HTML/JavaScript) Sensor Developer Tools obnizBoard / 1Y

BLE Central Console

BLE Central console on Web.You can search BLE nearby your obniz and connect to it.

BrowserApp (HTML/JavaScript) Wireless Developer Tools obnizBoard / 1Y ESP32 M5Stack